DSCN5051I often think about my life and the things that I would like to experience. Do I have the money, the time, the physical ability, the energy, the courage? Can I really do it? Well…maybe…some day.

My name is Ruthi Worsham and I am in that middle time of life.  My husband and I are celebrating being empty nesters and planning our retirement years.  When the children were growing up, we enjoyed RV vacations and many, many camping trips.  Stephen and I always knew we wanted to eventually retire and full-time RV travel.  When our youngest graduated high school in 2011, we decided to “try-out” the RV living lifestyle and moved into a 40-foot 5th-wheel RV.  In January of 2012, Stephen got a new job in Dallas, Texas and off we went.  We currently live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in our RV and still love the lifestyle!  As an aid to scratch the travel bug itch, we purchased an adorable tiny little T@G teardrop trailer.  And off I went!  Sometimes my husband tags along, sometimes its a friend.  Often it’s just me and my dreams.  Instead of an ordinary life experience, I’m having an extraordinary experience of life.

Come along with me to kitschy museums, historic hotels, fun festivals, mom and pop restaurants, and indy coffee shops.  Come along with me as I trek across America and the world, camping in forests and on beaches, climbing mountains, backpacking epic trails, paddling waterways and rivers, driving historic routes, exploring the world.  Follow me along a road less traveled. Join me along a path outside the comfort of ordinary and into the excitement of the extraordinary.

See ya on the trail!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I finally had time to check out your website tonight ( I work nights in a hospital ) and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. My name is Terry and we meet and you gave me your card at the recent REI Kayaking talk. When you are planning your adventures If you think it would be one that would lend itself to have other people join in, I’d love to hear about it. Actually I’d like to hear about it here even if it is not open to others. As we were discussing the other night I’m getting the bug to canoe/kayak, hike, camp, backpack etc. One of the things I heard about that really got me excited was reading about the guided with porters up Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was amazing to see some of the photos especially the ones of the sun rising over the African plains. I did a fair amount of camping and some canoeing when I was younger and whenever I’m out in nature it has always given me great joy. I look forward to following your adventures and again, keep me in mind for some future trips you and your family etc will be undertaking. Terry


    • Hi Terry. Yes I do remember you and thanks for the kind comments about my blog. Typically I go on adventures solo or with my husband. My ultimate goal is to experience all of the National Park Units (there are over 400!) and my husbands goal is to experience all of the National Parks. If I plan a group trip, I will certainly let you know about it before we go. Otherwise, keep reading and maybe I can give you some ideas to plan your own trip! If someplace I post about sounds interesting to you, please email me and I will certainly help you to plan it. I can give many more details about campsites, outfitters, trailhead locations, etc. by email. Thanks again and happy adventures!


  2. Ruthi,
    Hi! Hope u remember me? We’re both members of the Texins Outdoor club last time we spoke about your daughter moving to Australia to a Nanny baby sitting job, I was wondering if u could share more info on that website, etc.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jesus M.


  3. I found your lovey blog, all the way over here in Australia, and love your recognising that we need to the things that are important to us NOW. No matter how big or small the adventure may seem, just get out there and do it. I look forward to following your blog and travelling with you on-line, so as to see the wild places from the other side of the world 🙂 Cheers, Leah


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