Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area

The Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area celebrates Lincoln’s life in central Illinois.  The area encompasses 42 counties where Lincoln lived and traveled, both as a politician and a circuit lawyer, before becoming president.  The Lincoln Heritage Coalition is doing an amazing job honoring Abe by allowing us to follow in Lincoln’s footsteps, learning about the people and places that influenced the 16th president of the United States.

One way to discover Abraham Lincoln is by following the Looking for Lincoln Story Trail.  The Lincoln Trail includes 215 wayside exhibits in 52 communities.  The wayside exhibits are plaques telling a story about Lincoln.  Each plaque contains a unique raised image that is designed to create a rubbing representing the exhibit.  Although the idea is clever and intriguing, what would I do with a set of  215 medallion rubbings?

Being a national park super fan and an avid national park passport cancellation stamp collector, I decide to look for Lincoln as I collect the 33 cancellation stamps from 22 communities in the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area.  I hope to discover Abraham Lincoln the man, not the myth.  Maybe I’ll include a rubbing or two along the way.

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